Friday, July 10, 2009

gimme more

if the performances are tops i can let the plot slide. it's the singer over the song with me when it comes to movies and when i watched 1932's 'the purchase price' i was not disappointed in the hokey story line. what really got me was just how good barabara stanwyck always was. right from her brunette beginning she gave all she had. opposite her in this pre code (sex before marriage) movie is george brent. both of them appear to be acting against type as they both became known for roles very different than those they played. george brent as a 'hick' is pretty hard to believe but i really like him so i had no problem watching barbara do her best to prove she was worthy of his love. far from stellar, this newly available film is surpisingly solid due to stanwyck's undeniable gift.


nipper said...

as the saying goes on the 'big valley' series Barbara S. was the back bone of the family, and she was before and thereafter too in film

nipper said...

barb was a babe way before 'big valley' to those whipper snappers who watched on syndicated uhf channels.