Friday, July 10, 2009

elephant memory

maybe this elephant did not remember this particular afternoon. this is an image from 'citizen kane' meant to illustrate how great wealth can lead one to believe it is absolutely acceptable to 'own' what/whoever they want. it is a pity that animals are considered 'property' (citizen kane created his own private zoo) but i am grateful to director orson welles for revealing how power and wealth can truly disturb one's view of this world.
p.s. perhaps the elephant was enjoying the few moments of weightlessness for as the great poet jim carroll wrote, 'wicked wicked wicked wicked gravity.'

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nipper said...

wow, just rewatched the .basketball diaries' the other night and i am still having flashbacks of the anguish and solidarity madness one can have in a unstable time in life. i never could compare that monkey on my back to this film. but pardon the corny statement, elephants never forget. beautiful giants.