Friday, June 12, 2009

tracy's face

when woody allen was recording a few of his favorite things into a little microphone in 1979's 'manhattan', the image of actress mariel hemingway made his list along with cezanne's paintings of fruit. as the high schooler in love with woody, mariel was thoroughly disarming and very beautiful.
just today i noticed that doing away with pants could be a fashion trend for summer. wow. anyway, i doubt that any of the designers could top this perfect look of mariel's from decades back. remember, bandaids make the perfect accessory. as do harmonicas.

photos: woody allen and mariel hemingway (as tracy) in the sublime 'manhattan.'/mariel as her beautiful self.


Vain and Vapid said...

I just loved her in Manhattan and the film in general. IFC (or was it the Sundance Channel?) just had a string of Woody Allen films back to back but I wasn't lucky enough to catch Manhattan....

nipper said...

loved manhattan as well. woody allen pushed the envelope with his signature tortured character facing middle-age and the pursuit for sustainability. he deliverers this concept wonderfully in the romantic black and white film presentation against the new york city playground of 'anything goes'. the night life and its pretentious behavior at artsy bistro's are the vehicles for omitting gray areas that question ethical and moral behavior on attraction and self-fulfilling validation. wisdom and age can' wow' a
young mature 17 year old female who has already developed emotional maturation. mariel was perfect for the precocious young woman.