Thursday, June 11, 2009

tom verlaine

i just learned that tom had a song in the film 'i'm not there.' congrats! he is my single most fave guitarist on the planet. his voice, lyrics, and overall sound have wowed me since shortly after i first fell in love with his name. on my first visit to nyc i saw all four band members of 'television' walk toward me near washington square park. i did not exactly faint but i did freeze. the first time i spoke with him he noticed we both were wearing the same shoes (palladiums) and a few years later he stayed with my husband and i for a night while he was on tour. as he sat on the floor strumming my soon to be replaced guitar he suggested i did not need a new guitar and suddenly his star which had long been hanging brightly in the firmament of my mind began to dim. momentarily.

photos: top/looking like one of guy peellaert's 'rock dreams' below/ with the band 'television.'

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Kenneth Walsh said...

I went to a special screening of "Smithereens" last night and got to chat with Susan Seidelman afterward. Got to hear lots of fun Richard Hell stories, so it made me smile when I saw you'd written about his ex-bandmate today.