Friday, May 22, 2009

marguerite duras

this beloved writer began her life in vietnam in 1914 and said goodbye to this world in paris in 1996. with over 50 screen credits, she wrote, directed, and narrated for films. her most well known works include 'the lover' and 'hiroshima mon amour.' both books were made into movies. as far as i am concerned, she was a testament to aging with personal style.

photo: richard avedon

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nipper said...

i remember seeing 'the lover' and felt awkward in regards to ageism and relationships. i just don't understand the father-figure attraction or the domineering power that older men can have on younger women. it appears to be a deep-rooted 'conquest' for older men to fulfill a unresolved mother-son emotional void in some way to seek the love or affection they did not receive, thus their previous relationships suffered and did not develop successfully.

i am open-minded and try not to be bias when in-grain mores of what is natural or 'normal' is defined. personally, i abhor power plays that occur on weak vulnerable females by older men who have gain experience and wisdom from failed relationships to try and re-create relationships with younger women to selfishly put a band-aid on a crushed ego.