Monday, April 27, 2009

the top three

of all the amazing british actors to grace both stage and screen, the top three will forever be laurence olivier, ralph richardson, and john gielgud. they are all deeply delightful and very different from one another. olivier may have been the most traditionally handsome but both ralph and john can equally own one's complete attention. i adore them all.

personal favorites: olivier in 'rebecca' and the 'entertainer' and ralph in 'the heiress' and 'the fallen idol.' john gielgud is so ridiculously wonderful in his role as jeremy irons father in 'brideshead revisited' that his few scenes are worth the price of admission. that said, 'brideshead' itself is heaven.

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nipper said...

the young handsome sir l. olivier is the epitome of chiseled jawed beauty that has not been duplicated by any other actor in film.
perhaps, cary grant comes in second.