Monday, April 27, 2009

don't mess with me mate

adultery and it's consequences. in 1972 the great film director joseph mankiewicz must have had a ball working with actors michael caine and laurence olivier. i surely hope so as it was joseph's swan song. 'sleuth' is every kind of fun, thanks to the cast as well as the script. joe knew a thing or two about incredible writing.
rich man plays cat and mouse with not so rich man. getting even was never so wickedly entertaining. the game takes place in the grand home of olivier whose wife is having an affair with caine. how to teach the third party a lesson has them both dipping their toes into terror. trapped on the stairs, thinking the sight of his fingers clutching the balcony will be the last he will see in the known world, michael caine is at his best. it is a maniacally moving and brilliant movie.

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nipper said...

i love michael caine!!! he is one of favorite actors of all time.
his devotion and love for his wife shakira ,of 36 years, makes him a true blue romantic.