Monday, June 18, 2012

love life

when i watch the film 'carrie', a very sad film that has a super performance by olivier, i am always struck by the beauty of jennifer jones. i know elizabeth taylor got all the applause for 'beauty' but if not for the slight age difference she would have had a serious rival.

jennifer jones had some serious marriages! her first husband was the impossibly great actor robert walker, winner of the 'psycho tuna' award for his performance as 'bruno' in hitchcock's 'strangers on a train.'

Bruno Anthony: How do you do, sir? I'd like to talk with you sometime, sir, and tell you about my idea for harnessing the life force. It'll make atomic power look like the horse and buggy. I'm already developing my faculty for seeing millions of miles. And Senator, can you imagine being able to smell a flower - on the planet Mars? I'd like to have lunch with you someday soon, sir. Tell you more about it.

Robert Walker
(m.1939-1945; divorced)
David O. Selznick
(m.1949-1965; his death)
Norton Simon

photo: jones and walker

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