Wednesday, June 6, 2012

blithe spirit

nastassja's mom: All day long, 'Is Nastassia there?' Boys, girls, it doesn't matter. They all wanted something from her. This unspoken secret freedom, karma, she has had always, which stimulates people to be around her When the boys came with their big motorbikes, I died. I was so worried about accidents, drugs, everything. But she was protected by love. How do you say when you eat something and feel satisfied by it? She wasn't hungry for love. She had no vacuum in her. She was a tomboy, too, played sports. She gave boys and men a hard time, but not to be coquettish, not to play. She fell in love for a short time and then forgot. But not in a nasty way, she was like a cloud, she would just drift away. It still happens.

photo: nastassja and gerard depardieu/with her mother

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