Thursday, May 10, 2012

what's not to like

   doris day had a winning personality, a very cool voice, and an enviable shape. she sang with big bands and became a film star. she only has 40 screen credits but they include several smash hit films from the sixties.
   prior to her great run in comedies she made a fantastically awful movie with the handsome louis jordan called, 'julie.' this non stop suspense tale is shot in wonderful black and white, which helps to redeem it somewhat. it is just so bad!! i watched it last night and i highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed her disturbing turn in 'midnight lace.' it's strange to say, but this terrific comedic actress was not meant to be taken seriously!

   'Day was ranked the biggest box-office star for four years (1960; 1962–1964) and ranked in the top 10 for 10 years (1951–1952; 1959–1966). She became the top-ranking female box-office star of all time and is currently ranked sixth among the top 10 box-office performers (male and female), as of 2012.'

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