Monday, May 28, 2012

beloved best friend

Jean Marais found this dog in the forest during the WW2 - he was lost and certainly abandonned - He followed Jean and they became very close friends. When he died, Jean was so sad that he did not tell it to his friends. About a year after Moulouk's death, Jean Marais was dining with Jean Cocteau (his ex-partner and his great friend untill he died). Jean Cocteau asked Jeannot (Jean Marais was Jeannot and Jean Cocteau was Jean) : "how is Moulouk ?" and Jeannot told Cocteau he was dead. Jean Cocteau said "why didn't you tell me ?" and Jeannot answered : "if I had told you I could not help crying and I was so sad that I did not want to be more afflicted !!!" Jean Marais told this story long long after Jean Cocteau died in a TV Show dedicated to animals. Moulouk was playing in "L'Eternel Retour".

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