Friday, May 11, 2012

the bad and the beautiful

  the director mervyn leroy would most likely prefer to be remembered for this gorgeous black and white crime drama than for directing 'the bad seed.' however, a creepy classic is still a classic.
  the brilliant french songwriter serge gainsbourg (love of both bardot and birkin) lamented his own looks and claimed actor robert taylor had the goods in that department. well, in 'camille' taylor is crazy handsome. as 'johnny eager' he is a bit sleazy. the looks in this movie go to lana turner. in some scenes her beauty is laughable. when she shakes her thick blond hair you know she had one destiny to fulfill in life, to light up the big screen.
   'Johnny Eager is a 1941 film noir starring Robert Taylor and Lana TurnerVan Heflin won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.'

i adore van heflin. sometimes he looks like my dad. i am glad he got the oscar! even though it is a joy to see close ups of his terrific young face, he is playing soused in about every single one of his scenes.  

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