Wednesday, April 11, 2012

where have all the good times gone?

i have been feeling remiss regarding mentioning movies i love. during the first year of writing this blog i was able to share all those great films that continue to mean so much to me. so, in an effort to be a good soldier, i sat down to watch 'alfie' just so that i could refresh my memory on its greatness and do a nice posting.

i would have bet my collie the film was in black and white. i have seen 'alfie' so many times and i still was shocked that it was in color. i was very glad no one took my bet, bad as my collie can be.

here is the problem, the movie is so flipping good that i had to turn it off. i am staying with dear friends and i was unable to relax alone in the t.v. room. i will save it for when i get home.

all i can say now is the screenplay is quotable from line one. michael caine had all the right ingredients: looks, voice, and the cockiness of a lad who you know is clueless. if you can accept the fact that he played a character who needed to seriously wake up one day, the experience is heaven. sixties cinema still rules.

photos: michael caine with jane asher in 'alfie'

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