Sunday, April 8, 2012

gene genie

like many others i thought gene tierney in 'leave her to heaven' was unreal special. she was such a gorgeous psycho tuna. she'd sit there looking absolutely heavenly and then bang! she'd come out of a bag at you and show her claws. once i got into watching her movies i took it upon myself to find a copy of the 1940 film, 'Tobacco Road', based on the classic novel. reading that book was a constant game of seeing how many pages i could read without shaking my head in bewilderment. the people were SO.... uneducated would be the nice way to put it.

i tried to watch the film but it was just terrible. AND beautiful gene was in it for about a blink of the eye. i never made it to the end so maybe she went out in a swell finish.

that said, i have seen her in many movies that i like, the best being 'laura.' i am now rereading 'the razor's edge.' gene starred in the film version of that novel with tyrone power who is just such a peach. they were both sublime in it and perfectly cast.

p.s. they made three films together.

photos: great poster/gene's one second in 'tobacco road'/with tyrone in 'the razor's edge'

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