Sunday, March 4, 2012

'well i can say hello!'

i adore carroll baker so much. she was gorgeous and feisty and just plane brave. she was one of playwright tennessee williams's greatest successes. even though his 'baby doll' was banned and reviled, tennessee knew what a little sweetie the film was.

baby doll's voice of reason:

baby doll: you don't think l'll cook for a big fat old thing like you.

archie lee: quit calling me fat old thing

baby doll: You get young and thin and i'll stop calling you fat old thing.

the entire screenplay is excellent. the casting was tops. tennessee must have been a happy writer when he saw the finished film.
carroll is 80 years old and has 81 screen credits. big budget spectacular ('Giant') or low brow ('Bad'), she was always a treat.

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