Thursday, March 22, 2012

the last word

3 4 83 5.

that's tippi's career in shorthand. ms. hedren had early international fame as a result of her third and fourth films being directed by hitchcock. i love her in 'marnie' but never watched 'the birds' more than once. hitchcock fever is about to be thrust upon us. scarlett johansson is going to play janet leigh in one film and sienna miller is going to play tippi in another. all hell is gonna break loose when the master of suspense gets raked over the coals for being a manipulative predator of his female stars. yes, they achieved great fame but now the details of the price they payed will be shared.

tippi seems the most vocal about her mistreatment. she is also the most active of all of hitckcock's surviving leading ladies. the amazing actress eva marie saint just completed a t.v. series but it is tippi with 5 films in production! that will teach his ghost a thing or two about destroying the career of a woman who would not give in to his wicked ways while he was alive.

of all her 83 screen credits, she is going down in cinema history for her two hitchcock movies. still, she ain't leaving without shedding some light on the man behind the camera.

photo: making marnie' with sean connery

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