Friday, February 3, 2012

wonderfully wicked

the creators of the british television drama 'downton abbey' were probably pretty sure that the brits would love the series. however, like when 'the beatles' cracked america, they must be flipping thrilled that the show is so huge in the states. i watched season one and sure enough, i got well into it. i thought all the actors were incredible. beats me, but for some reason i have no interest in this new season!

that said, i have no idea if they brought back the nasty servant thomas, remarkably played by Rob James-Collier. poor fellow, he was so dissatisfied with his lot in life. he looks pretty cool out of uniform!


The Passing Tramp said...

Oh, Thomas is baaaaack. And he will be back in season 3.

Shell said...

Chiming in, Thomas is back. And for season 3, Shirley Maclaine is joining the cast.