Saturday, February 25, 2012

a man's man

today is director neil jordan's birthday. he has a new film coming out soon (Byzantium (2012) that interestingly enough does not have apart for stephen rea! i assume their relationship goes beyond such a thing.

i fell mad for stephen in jordan's 'the crying game.' seriously. then along came jordan's 'breakfast on pluto' and cillian murphy's portrayal of 'kitten braden' stole my heart. i cannot think a more astonishing performance.


Jean D. said...

I agree with you on Kitten Braden!

I think I have a thing for all Celts... I don't even know. Cillian, James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, Sean Connery, Michael Fassbender, all so great.

Looking forward to seeing Saoirse Ronan in Byzantium as well.


pal shazar said...
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pal shazar said...

it is not surprising that such interesting people come from ireland. it is magically beautiful there.