Tuesday, January 17, 2012


how does she do it? we all know that living with sam shepard must have been intense. still, when i watched jessica win her golden globe the other night, i was once again seduced by the fizzy concoction of confidence/sincerity (with a dash of bashful) that the woman continues to exude.

my introduction came with 'tootsie.' her performance in 'blue sky' knocks one's socks off. 'frances'? forget about it. the genius actress kim stanley played her mom in that. if i am not mistaken, at the golden globes she seems to have been carrying kim within her.

i'm not about to watch the scary series she just won for but clearly she is still knockin' people's socks off.

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nipper said...

love her strong diversity in roles but totally agree the scary series could be just as horrifying in her role in 'titus'.