Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My mother and I could always look out the same window without ever seeing the same thing.- Gloria Swanson

as my mom used to say, 'what's not to love.' that's how i feel about gloria swanson. thanks to a documentary on silent films, i now know much more about swanson than simply her spellbinding performance as 'norma desmond' in 'sunset boulevard.' the woman was enchanting. smart, classy, courageous, and fun.

she lived to be 84. she has 84 screen credits! her many times director cecil b. demille called her 'little fella.' her wiki page is stuff of legend:

she was fabulously stylish, courageous and forward thinking. she was a health foodist. she drove across the country in her rolls royce with nuts in the trunk! when she'd stop with her driver so that he could eat she'd order a cup of hot water and use her own tea bag. i think she was my mom in a parallel universe. ? i adore her spirit.

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