Sunday, January 29, 2012

birds of a feather

what a winning image of french actor alain delon. the impossibly handsome delon has 91 screen credits, the last one being 2010. i am familiar with only a few of his movies. at the height of my jeremy irons fascination i was in paris when 'swann in love' came out. it was very pleasurable to sit back and be free of subtitles, as there were none! i had read the story of 'swann's' love for 'odette.' jeremy was heartachingly helpless as a man in love. ornella muti was exquisite. one of the great surprises of the film was seeing delon cast as 'swann's' best friend, 'the baron de charlus.'

for so long delon was the suave and cool guy. as 'charlus' he was an aging upper class connoisseur in pursuit of young men. he wore rouge and held his handsome head high. i feel sure the french applauded his taking on the role.

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