Sunday, January 15, 2012

art imitates life

'Kim Stanley in the film The Goddess as the best performance ever in film. Recommended viewing for anyone interested in the “Golden Age” of film and Broadway.

'1958 Columbia Pictures drama film starring Kim Stanley and Lloyd Bridges. Others in the cast include Steven Hill, Betty Lou Holland, Joan Copeland, Patty Duke, and Elizabeth Wilson. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

'In her movie debut, Kim Stanley gives a heart-rending performance in one of the very few films to show what effect Hollywood or show business, in general, can have on a single person. She captures the character’s restless misery, fragile turmoil and neurosis, brought about by the rejection and unhappiness of childhood.'

it has been said that this film is about marilyn monroe. maybe it is.


Shell said...

This is a great movie. Kim Stanley is
wonderful in this. Its on my list of old gems that people should see.

pal shazar said...

i love that you and i share this appreciation of greatness, shell!

nipper said...

she jilts and tilts me still whenever she says 'lil sister' in

pal shazar said...

the woman was just unreal! her biography 'the female brando' is good.