Wednesday, December 28, 2011

sun kissed

the grand dame maggie smith is celebrating her birthday today. she was born in 1934. i bet when she was a kid she never imagined that her freckles would not get in the way of her dream of being a film star. she is gloriously great in all she does.

one of her first roles was a smallish part in the hard to find 1964 film 'the pumpkin eater.' she was terrific as 'philpot', the young woman who was sleeping with the husband of dedicated wife and mother anne bancroft. it is a film well worth finding.

recently maggie has lit up the small screen in the immensely popular 'downton abbey', in which her character condescendingly slays anyone in her path.

top photo: with anne bancroft in 'the pumpkin eater'

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nipper said...

again, pal has her finger on the pulse of the cinema greats.
happy b-day miss maggie.