Wednesday, December 14, 2011


i have been watching a very long (12 discs) documentary on the history of silent film. interestingly, this fascinating period of cinema lasted only about 15 years. i have preferred the beauty of silent films since discovering them two years ago. i took one night away from this terrifically detailed bbc series (beautifully narrated by james mason) to watch chaplin's masterpiece 'city lights.'

i loved it more than any other time i'd seen it. chaplin is so touching. he refused to film a comedic scene if it did not contain logic. both chaplin and keaton never worked from a script. i could go on and on, i have learned so much from the series. suffice to say, silent films are treasures that spoke an international language. so many of them are deeply worth the experience.


Bryan Rutt said...

I am a huge fan of silent films. I often prefer them to modern cinematic fare, and I have made a point to share the joy of silent film with others. Some get it, some don't (sort of like jazz).

What is the 12-disc series you are watching? I would love to see it as well!

pal shazar said...

i found it through an individual seller. i am sure you can too. it is just an amazingly interesting series.