Wednesday, December 7, 2011

eli's coming (hide your heart girl)

for all of you who are not aware of the mind blowing talent of singer/songwriter laura nyro, here is a link to her song 'eli's comin':

the great actor eli wallach is 96 today! eli was terrific as 'silva', the man who came into the lives of the miserably married 'archie' and 'baby doll' in tennessee williams's brilliant, funny and tender play 'baby doll.'

Baby Doll: Excuse me, Mr. Vacarro, but I wouldn't dream of eatin' a nut that a man had cracked in his mouth.
Silva Vacarro: You've got many refinements.
Baby Doll: Thank you.

image: eli wallach and marilyn monroe shooting 'the misfits'

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nipper said...

happy birthday eli and congrads to laura for her induction into the rock and roll hall of fame.