Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the original keeler

it's foolish for me to confuse ruby and christine just because their last name is keeler. but i do. not any more! last night i watched '42nd street' and i shall not be confused any longer. ruby is unforgettable. so is the terrific actress bebe daniels.

ruby can sure dance! she became a professional dancer at age 14. two husbands (the first was al jolson) and five kids, she may only have 16 acting credits (and several more uncredited dance credits) but she has a star on hollywood blvd. she also had a great turn as dick powell's darlin' in this tale of a first timer getting to go to the top of the ladder. 42nd street must have been really cool a long time ago.

images: keeler/with powell


nipper said...

ruby keeler plus bebe daniels =frolicking fun outcome.
geez but 5 kids with al jolson. sounds like a movie to me!!

pal shazar said...

just one child with first husband al.