Thursday, November 17, 2011

'love that bob'

most people know robert cummings as the lover of grace kelly in hitchcock's 'dial m for murder' but he had a serious heyday in television. in his hit t.v. series he played a fashion photographer. all the models seemed to be in love with him. the show still seems funny.
cummings married five times. his show lasted five years. 178 shows total! each episode would begin with bob taking a photograph of the television audience and then stepping back to say, "i think you're gonna like this." as ray davies once sang, 'young and innocent days...'

he also has 104 other screen credits. a man definitely worthy of remembrace.

some cool facts:
Godson of Orville Wright, an old family friend, who also taught him to fly. He piloted his own plane most of his life.
Not only was he a health food fanatic, but he often carried a small suitcase with him full of vitamin pills.
"I was accused of being a vitamin addict, of eating 40 or 50 tablets a day. I said, 'That's a dastardly lie, I take 140!"


nipper said...

memories watching the b.c. show when we were overseas. syndicated american programming time 3:00p.
get home from school age 13 eating an apple and
watching bob and his entourage of photo beautys.

pal shazar said...

where overseas?

nipper said...

panama canal zone. loved loved loved living there!