Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ladies and gentleman

Q: "What was your relationship with Elizabeth Taylor?"

RINGO: "That was... it went beyond 'Hello,' but I never went to bed with Elizabeth. (laughs) Elizabeth and I have a wonderful time. She was always married to Richard anyway! It was nothing to do with anything. But I think she is one of the most fascinating women in the world. And she's... I mean, I'm not the only one that thinks that. Half the world thinks it, if not three-quarters. And I get sad sometimes when people put Elizabeth down. She's got a wonderful personality. She's got a great heart. She'd give anything away. See, why we could get on... If people are just making it, they look at me and say, 'Ah! It's Fab Four Beatles stuff!' I still get that. But Elizabeth, she's been a star all her life so she's not playing the games anymore. (jokingly) She's still very stroppy-- 'Get me the car, get me the diamonds!' (laughs) I mean, she's a struttin' woman. She strides. She doesn't just walk into a room, she just comes in like a hurricane. You KNOW she's there. And she's fantastic. But on the other side, she's a very kind person. And I love her.

photos: ringo with elizabeth/with vivien leigh

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