Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the rewards of age

when i was a kid i liked robert wagner. i loved that he was married to natalie wood. i could not understand how my mom could prefer the actor robert walker. in time i totally got it.

dick powell is someone who would never even register with my younger self. now i adore him and wish he made more noirish films, however 'b movie' they are. even if 'pitfall' seems like it was made on a smaller budget than any madonna video, it is super. lizbeth scott may not really be what they promoted her as ('the poor man's lauren bacall') but she is interesting. if you want to see a cool guy (he used to tap dance and sing his way through tons of films before they allowed him to stretch out) you can start with 'murder my sweet' and then watch this one. the man is absolutely REAL.

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