Monday, September 26, 2011

the man in the mirror

'Vladimir Nabokov's original screenplay diverged greatly from the novel, but only a portion of it was used by Stanley Kubrick, even though Nabokov gets screen credit. Nabokov later published it as "Lolita: A Screenplay". The unused screenplay featured an Alfred Hitchcock-like cameo for Nabokov, who is referred to as "that nut with a butterfly net" (Nabokov was well known as an amateur lepidopterist). Although he generally admired the movie adaptation of his book, Nabokov regretted the waste of his time in writing a screenplay which was altered so drastically during filming.'-imdb

his lolita was 12. the film's lolita was 14. even though there was zero sex in the movie, the film studios had much to fear regarding the character's mentality. however, people still find 'lo' hard to take as well as hard to put down.

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