Friday, August 19, 2011

a true queen

anna marie wooldridge does not ring a bell. however:

Bob Russell, became anna's manager. “One time he told me, ‘Since Abraham Lincoln didn’t free the slaves, maybe you could handle it,’ ” she recalled with a laugh. “He named me Abbey Lincoln.”

abbey lincoln was not only a wonderful singer but she was a very unique actress. while watching 'nothing but a man' i was constantly struck by her poise. even when she cries her character maintains her dignity. i got the feeling abbey was like the woman in the movie: proud and intelligent in the face of reality.

her co-star in this 1964 drama is ivan dixon, the actor who played sidney poitier's brother in 'a patch of blue.' he also worked with sidney in 'a raisin in the sun.' he and abbey are perfect in this quiet lovely film about good people who hold their heads high during moments when you, the viewer, want to reach into the screen and knocks a few blocks off.

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