Sunday, August 21, 2011

'i have the prettiest mother'

today is patty mccormack's 66th birthday. the child actress who haunted everyone's dreams more than any others made her star turn in 1956's 'the bad seed.' her character's name 'rhoda' became synonymous with CREEPY.

patty has been acting away since that unforgettable performance as the murderous child of a very helpless mother beautifully played by nancy kelly. what a fantastically nervous voice nancy had.

macormack has 128 screen credits! nick cave and the bad seeds have been making great records since 1983.

photos: rhoda lying/punishment/nick cave and the bad seeds

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nipper said...

deeply disturbing iconic patty mccormack and the deeply mesmerizing voice of nick cave and those other bad seeds. great comparison pal!