Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the french singer

i was once standing in the magazine section at tower records in nyc reading an interview with johnny depp. it said he had a new girlfriend who was a french singer. i thought how cool it was that instead of a famous actress, he was now with an unknown chanteuse. how naive!

vanessa paradis has been royalty in france since her first pop hit at the age of 14. the song 'joe le taxi' was about a taxi driver named joe! amazing as it seems, when i toured france, joe was hired as our driver in paris. if not for his awesome reflexes we would have been in a crash. i kid you not.

anyway, i love so many of the recordings vanessa has done. her voice is lovely and aside from covering 'waiting for the man' which didn't really work for her, she has chosen great material. her performance in the gorgeous 1999 film 'girl on the bridge' is super. the gap between her front teeth makes her smile all the more charming.

she just completed a film called 'cafe de flore.' not only is the cafe a beauty, it is located smack in the middle of the latin quarter and has amazing food. it is steeped in 'histoires.' i want to see the movie when it comes out.... in paris.

photos: vanessa apres johnny/avant johnny/patti lee (new pal of johnny) at the flore

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