Tuesday, July 5, 2011

call it a day well spent

some fun facts i discovered on shirley knight's website:

Shirley completed the filming of: MY IDIOT BROTHER with Paul Rudd, Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks, and
Emily Mortimer, all of whom are playing Shirley's Children.

Shirley's film PETULIA is now out on DVD

i love that she has a website! i also love that she has never been anything less than marvelous in every role i've seen her play. she is wonderful in 'petulia' even if it is considered a julie christie movie. i once recognized the actress Kathleen Widdoes who played her friend in that film. i told her 'petulia' is one of my fave movies. she said it was certainly a strange film.

people who make movies can never know how they appear to me, an outsider! yes, 'petulia' was innovative and disjointed, but i never once lost the thread. i would even call it a classic. the year was 1968. the director was richard lester. the man who directed the fab four!

bonus points go to the handsome richard chamberlain as the 'psycho tuna' who plays 'petulia's' husband. ah, the misfortune of marrying into the wrong fortune. one viewing of this movie will occupy your mind for days. if i could turn back time...

photos: awesome poster/shirley featured in a poster for the film!/julie and chamberlain/just julie

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