Thursday, June 16, 2011

to garbo one says yes

when garbo lived with actor john gilbert in the hills above the beverly hills hotel (SWANK!) their neighbors were filmmaker king vidor and his then wife eleanor boardman. even in the years of garbo, eleanor was considered the most beautiful woman in hollywood. they all played tennis and i imagine pointed up at whatever stars they could see over their hillside property.

eleanor told a wonderful story to garbo's biographer, barry paris:

greta asked eleanor if she would take her downtown to buy shoes. at the time there were no shops in beverly hills (awesome) so they headed east. garbo tried on 'a thousand pairs' of shoes and finally chose one pair. they left the store with greta wearing the shoes. her friend told her that she would not be able to return them if she wore them out the door. after a few minutes walking garbo said, 'my feet hurt.' she wanted to take them back. her friend said they will not take them back now. garbo replied, 'they will take them back.'

they took them back. eleanor went on to say that after her chauffeur took them back home garbo never said one word of thanks for the afternoon's shopping. eleanor had this to add: "she was selfish but she was fascinating!"

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