Thursday, June 2, 2011

second chances

47/78 hike!

anyone even thinking of remaking a film that starred robert montgomery had better be prepared. robert was one of the most darling actors ever and it would take someone with looks, agility, and timing as well as talent to step into his shoes.
enter warren. in the 1978 remake of the 1947 'here comes mr. jordan' beatty is terrific from the top of his head full of hair to his toes as the unlucky lad who gets whisked out of his body by an angel before his time is due.
the movie switched boxing to football but it matters not as 'heaven can wait' got enough inspiration from 'here come mr. jordan' to be one of the most enjoyable films you will ever see.

swapping the brilliant claude rains for james mason (of 'humbert humbert' fame) to play the role of a 'god figure' was a stroke of genius. add scrawny and intelligent buck henry and you have the perfect male cast to dance this delightful tango with the divine julie christie and the kooky dyan cannon.

i watched this again very late last night in my hotel room in copenhagen. it never fails.

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