Friday, June 17, 2011

little white truths

“God knows, I’ve fended off my share of amorous men-attractive, desirable men. John Barrymore in all his glory stayed in hot pursuit during my early years at Warner Brothers. That was by no means a singular honor. He also pursued every other pretty young thing on the lot, and just because he felt like a little redhead now and then didn’t incline me to join the club. I sent Clark Gable flying off my back porch into the bushes one night, and, boy, did he punish me for that! Keeping ahead of Spencer Tracy wasn’t easy, either. He chased me for years, then sulked adorably when I married someone else. Leslie Howard wanted to whisk me off to the South Seas, and, believe me, that was tempting. But he happened to be married at the time-they all were-and that sort of thing never appealed to me.”- myrna loy

i just love how so many actresses agree on leslie howard.

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