Monday, June 13, 2011

beauty fades

with the exception of Maurice Chevalier and Marcello Mastroianni, Maximilian Schell is undoubtedly the most successful non-anglophone foreign actor in the history of American cinema.

he began his film career in 1955 and has 102 acting credits. his last performance was as recent as 2009. his gorgeous sister maria is also a world famous actress. another beauty in his life is angelina jolie, his goddaughter.

he directed 8 films, including a documentary on marlene dietrich. in 1970 he starred in and directed 'first love.' for a man who grew up with beautiful women, it is no surprise that the female lead went to one of the most stunning actresses to ever grace a screen. dominique sanda is a personal fave of mine so i took a chance and bought this movie. it was only recently that i got around to watching it.

it seems that when writers (sam shepard) or actors (lots of them) choose to direct, the results are poetic. 'first love' was based on a russian story so the poetry is inherent in the tale of a teenage boy who falls for his new neighbor. i wanted to photograph every scene.

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