Saturday, May 21, 2011

you make me dizzy miss novak

Vertigo (1958) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Starring James Stewart, Kim Novak

whenever you think there's nothing fun to watch just go through the alphabet and stop at 'h.' hitchcock is nothing if not fun. there are a couple of key elements to 'vertigo' that would make it onto my list of movies i don't watch. unlike 'strangers on a train' which stars both farley granger AND robert walker, 'vertigo' stars james stewart. i admit it! i don't love jimmy! but as my krsna cousin reminds me from time to time, earth is not where perfection resides.

i also have never had a feeling for the bay area. for me, san francisco is where crazy stuff happens. plus, i love to walk and who wants to even think about all that uphill walking. but, the lesser enticements are seriously overpowered by the delight of the film. kim novak, well, forget about it. she is terrific. the colors of whatever process they used back in the day are very cool. s.f. was indeed the right place to set a story about a man who fears heights.

the music is very emotional and serves to entertain during those moments when you just wish stewart would untuck his shirt or something.

photos: balloons over frisco/playful young jimmy unaware of just how unbalanced he is gonna feel once he starts working with hitchcock.

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