Wednesday, May 4, 2011

thrill of the chase

discrepancy! i read on the movie data base that actor neil hamilton had 163 screen credits. that's impressive enough but look what came up on wikipedia:

'He made 268 films, both sound and silent, and played opposite such stars as Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Constance Bennett, Ann Sothern and Jean Arthur.'

1931's 'when strangers kiss' stars norma shearer and robert montgomery. as adorable as montgomery always is, it is neil hamilton who owns norma's heart. in truth he has a really good role as a writer who travels the world without ever knowing when he'll be back. it is easy to deduct that montgomery will do his best to win norma while she's been left behind.

this movie is one of the better less known of shearer's career. it covers love, marriage, and love outside of marriage in ways that the code surely cracked down on in time. even though the entire cast is super, the real star of the vehicle is norma shearer's impossibly shiny laugh. all the gorgeous costumes are by the genius adrian.

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