Saturday, April 16, 2011

no place for love

there is a pretty amazing photographer in the world of fashion named tim walker. his images are excessive to say the least. i am sure he would appreciate all the balloons in this scene from 'a place in the sun.'

the story of lovers from different backgrounds is beautifully acted by elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift. it is possible that montgomery is the only actor who doesn't have to do a thing but breathe while on camera. he is innately fascinating. director george stevens lingered on him to the point of almost looking at your watch. still, it worked.

impossible love is so sad.

photos from top: montgomery and elizabeth/the slow dance in 'a place in the sun'/tim walkers visionary take on styling

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Shell said...

I adore Montgomery. A Place in The Sun is one of my faves. Monty and Liz looked beautiful on screen.