Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's noir or never

while the world was coming to grips with the loss of elizabeth taylor, farley granger slipped through the crack that separates the sky and sea a few days later. i have always loved watching him in the handful of really good movies he made. last year i thoroughly enjoyed reading his autobiography. i was hoping to find a snap of him and elizabeth together but no luck.

farley granger will go down in cinema history as handsome 'guy', the tennis champ who made chit chat on the train with the wrong man in hitchcock's 'strangers on a train.' he sited this film as one of the few he was proud of. 'they live by night' was another film he praised from his short hollywood career that he dovetailed into work in european cinema. farley and his co-star cathy o'donnell were exceptional as kids without much of a chance in 'they live by night', a truly special noir in that their characters are very likable.

photos: from 'they live by night'/ unknown

i kiss you goodbye, farley.

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