Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i love losey

i really dig the actor van heflin. he can be so kind and also such a cad. until i watched 'the prowler' i had no idea he could be reprehensible.

i also love the director joseph losey. he gave us 'the servant' and each time i watch it i am absolutely convinced it is the best picture ever made. however, when i am at the dentist (under nitrous oxide) i am positive that my fave film is 'the man who fell to earth' and i will watch it later that day. then i get home and forget about it.
well, soon after i got home from the dentist today i found myself watching 'the prowler' again. i don't understand why this film is not well known as it is considered a genius piece of noirish moviemaking. i also don't understand why it is so highly thought of considering the plausibility factor is off the chart. i could care less about a plot if i adore the acting, but this movie confounds me.

believability aside, it is way fun and heflin plays both a scary monster (bad cop) and a super creep (fake love). evelyn keyes is seriously fantastic as a woman led astray. if you put all the elements in a blender you would have a heck of a smoothie. still, i think the reasons it is going down in cinema history are over my little non-filmmaking head. i figure it has much to do with loving losey.

do i recommend 'the prowler'? big time. but don't watch it alone cause you'll want a witness.

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nipper said...

root canal or a prowler? i'll take the prowler and a smoothie just in case i did have a root canal! what an entertaining blog of the day! heflin begot cotton begot bowie-many light years begotten. happy landings to whom ever fell to earth today! thanks pa, l for the visual of the day.