Thursday, April 21, 2011

'everybody's got a heart...

except some people.' when bette davis delivered that great line in 'all about eve' you believed her. bette may have been referring to her lover 'bill sampson' but it was the title character 'eve harrington' who really seemed too cold to possess one.

while watching the stunning film 'never let me go' the question was raised as to whether cloned beings had souls. the performances of all three leads (carey mulligan, andrew garfield, and keira knightley) had so much heart that it never crossed my mind to wonder if they, as their headmaster wondered 'had souls at all.'

today, in one of my favorite nyc boutiques, i saw carey mulligan. i told her how much i loved the movie. i also let her know that my favorite performance of all time was wendy hiller as 'eliza doolittle' in the 1938 film 'pygmalion.' i had read carey was going to star in the remake. not only did she confirm that she was filming it next year, but she has seen the film starring wendy. it was gratifying to know wendy hiller's genius would perhaps inspire her.

p.s. carey has dimples for miles and was as gracious as she was pretty.

photos: carey/leslie howard with wendy hiller in 'pygmalion'


Shell said...

My sweetie pie and I saw this version about a month ago. What a revelation..Wendy Hiller and Leslie Howard were so good in it. To me it's the best version.

pal shazar said...

oh yes. what a role for an actress. fingers crossed they aren't making the new one a musical. all the best to you shell!