Saturday, April 23, 2011

book release

in just a few weeks my first novel will be available. i know, pinch me. it has been a wonderfully long process and i feel like i am dropping off my five year old at kindergarten with a push that says, 'go on and make friends now!'

even if i see the entire story in my head, i left much for the reader to imagine. my desire is to express what's in the head not so much what's in the room. perhaps that is one of the reasons i love beautiful movies. creating the right set for the characters to emote within is quite an accomplishment. the visual is yet another arrow that points to the heart of the matter at hand.

my cousin calls my book 'shazar noir.' it was not my goal to write a whodunit. besides, someone always 'does it.' for me the interesting part is understanding a character. the great writer ross macdonald said raymond chandler wrote like a 'slumming angel.' well, raymond and ross 'did it' better than anyone. if 'JANITOR' sends a smile up to whatever heaven they both reside in i will be well gratified.


Shell said...

Way to go, Pal!! Congratulations on it being published.

nipper said...

i can't wait for the imagery of words and music together for 'janitor' and of course, to go to the book signing on may 12th for my own copy. everything you do is always phenomenal and beyond the norm! love you pal. nipper.

pal shazar said...

we look forward to seeing you sherry!