Tuesday, April 5, 2011

alma mater

back in the days when we lived in northampton, mass., we rented a house that stood at the entrance to a nature trail that led to the nearby college. i used to jog from our house through the woods and onto the smith campus. i'd pass the school's nursery and continue on. i would jog by the house where 'who's afraid of virginia woolf' was shot. perhaps it truly was where a resident professor lived. i always got a kick out of seeing it.

the first time i saw the movie i was in a hotel room in london. i was riveted, absolutely stuck dumb but two things: how had i never seen this movie before and how was it even possible to create such a mind blowing experience. later in the evening my husband's producer came by with mick ronson. heady times indeed.

photo: richard burton and elizabeth taylor in the scene of them passing the nursery on their unhappy way home from a campus shindig.

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nipper said...

way cool story!