Friday, April 29, 2011

all apologies

you cannot accuse 1985's 'Dance with a Stranger' of not being a love story. although it's not the kind of movie you go to see on valentine's day, there are actually very romantic gestures on the part of rupert everett's 'david.' he even shows up with flowers and chocolate to make amends for his terrible behavior.

rupert everett was stunningly cast as the spoiled and cruel jerk in relentless pursuit of a woman he'd never take home to mother. the film is based on the true story of ruth ellis, the last woman to be hung in england. the final blow does not need to come as a surprise. the reason this movie is so deeply satisfying is due to casting rupert as the one that drove a woman over an edge she dances way to close to for the entire film. the role of ruth ellis went to miranda richardson who gives a performance that cannot be described.

the look of the movie is alabaster, coral, and the blue gaze of miranda's eyes that reflect the inner torment of a heart receiving a blow on a bruise, repeatedly. even though we cannot know if someone were asking for it, we still ask.

this is one of the earliest roles in miranda's 100 credit career. this performance will knock your socks right off, repeatedly.

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