Saturday, March 12, 2011

witchy woman

every time i watch either 'now, voyager' or 'separate tables' i want to put my hand through the screen and give gladys cooper a good throttle to that neck of hers. her rubies and pearls would not deter me. if there is one actress who gives mommie dearest a run for her money it is our gal gladys.

the woman was simply stellar in anything i have seen her in. yes, she did play nice characters too but she is so well know as the cruel and domineering mother of better davis in 'now, voyager' that her wickedness rules over her kinder moments. she is a classic.

she became a dame of her home country but also made tons of movies in hollywood. watching cooper is a great lesson in self control.

photos: gladys appears to have gypsy blood/her shining hour (now, voyager)/she looks so nice!/she was such a beautiful child

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