Tuesday, March 1, 2011

viva la margret

she landed fresh from sweden like a comet. ann-margret's third screen appearance was in '63 as the crushed out teen in 'bye bye birdie.' shortly after that she sizzled the heck out of Viva Las Vegas with elvis, who claimed he'd met his match in her. 79 screen credits and stll going strong, this woman couldn't shake her sexy image off if she hid in a cardboard box. the gal is simply lit from within.
my fave ann-margret movies are 'the cincinnati kid' and 'carnal knowledge.' i'd would gladly sit through anything she did.

perhaps not a role to have engraved in one's memory but still pretty impressive: in 1963 her voice appeared in the classic t.v. show The Flintstones as Ann-Margrock!

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