Monday, March 21, 2011

trust him

i love warren beatty. he is funny, graceful in a clumsy kinda way, and vain and handsome in a foolish attempt to convince himself as much as us. he has made some incredibly heartwarming films. 'heaven can wait' might be the best uplifter of all time.

'bonnie and clyde' was a big winner for warren who chose profit over paycheck. faye dunaway was insanely beautiful as the wild gal who craved a little tenderness. there is one very cool warren moment in this movie that reveals warren the man, at least i think it does.

the soon to be 'barrows' are sitting in a coffee shop booth getting to know one another. he tells her what a knockout she is but that she ought to remove the clip from her hair. just like that, no big deal but when bonnie takes that clip out she's his.

it's in the details.

photo: warren and faye/catherine deneuve avec clip

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